St. Mary’s in the Community

St. Mary Health Care Center has been a long-trusted provider of senior care services to the residents of Greater Worcester. We live our mission of service through community outreach projects and collaborating with other organizations. We work closely with students and faculty from nearby College of the Holy Cross on community projects and outreach.

Watch this video from a recent discussion at College of the Holy Cross. “Two Stories of Fostering Connection” looks at how two students took part in a community-based learning project between the College and St. Mary Health Care Center.

Webster Square Daycare and Our Intergenerational Program

Additionally, St. Mary’s provides a unique program that allows the old and young to benefit from one another through deliberate intergenerational activities and socialization. We have an operating day care for children, which schedules one intergenerational group activity per weekday with children ranging in age from 3-5. This program is optional but gives our residents a sense of purpose and exposes children to a generation they might otherwise never know.

Some activities include:

  • Reading together
  • Apple picking
  • Shared birthday parties
  • Gardening
  • Cooking farm-to-table foods

Reasons to Choose St. Mary Health Care Center

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