Visiting Your Loved One

Visitors are welcome at St. Mary Health Care Center. We are a 24-hour staffed facility. Family members are welcome to visit their loved ones at their choosing while respecting the privacy of other residents. Just be sure to sign the guest book at the front desk.

When can I visit my family member?

Family and friends are welcome to visit our residents at any time that is convenient. That being said, the safety and experience of our residents is our highest priority. Doors are locked in late evening hours, please contact the nursing units if you’d like to visit after-hours.

May I bring my child to visit a loved one?

Children are precious and are very special to our residents. Family and friends are welcome to visit our residents at any time. To ensure their safety of our residents, please ensure children are well-supervised during your visit.

May I bring my pet for a visit?

Pets are a wonderful addition to our community. We welcome pets, but due to regulation, you will need to provide proof that your pet has been vaccinated. You can do this at our front desk.  St. Mary Health Care Center has pet programming.

What should I do if I am sick or not feeling well prior to visiting a resident?

Keeping our residents safe and healthy is our number one priority. If you are experiencing symptoms of a cold, flu or other potentially contagious illness please try to avoid visiting. If you need to visit a loved one, please use the protective resources available at our front desk, such as a mask and hand sanitizer. We also ask that you avoid activities which could spread an illness, such as hand-to-hand contact. If you have any questions or need assistance while you are unable to visit, please ask to speak with the infection control nurse.

Reasons to Choose St. Mary Health Care Center

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