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Farm To Table

The fruits of our labor start to show as St. Mary Health Care Center Chef Ron Rivers will be using the fresh Oregano, Parsley and Rosemary from St. Mary garden, planted and cared for by our residents on the program farm to table. Today’s Pizza Sauce will have an extra...

Thank you to the Dairy Queen on Grafton Street in Worcester

Thank you to the Dairy Queen on Grafton Street in Worcester, Mass. Wednesday they donated 50 blizzards for the St. Mary Health Care Center. What a way to celebrate and bring smiles to our residents! Thank you for granting our residents the gift of time spent in the...

Palm Sunday

As the Church prepares for Palm Sunday – Jesus’ Triumphal Entry into Jerusalem, crowds of people spread their coats on the ground in front of Him. Some waved branches of palm trees; today we spread before Jesus our hearts, our sadness, our anxieties and...
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We continue to closely monitor COVID-19. We are scheduling outside visitation, by appointment.
Please call us for more info.

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last updated: July 23, 2020